23 Best Wuxia Manga/Manhua to Read Online for Free

September 4


Manga is sometimes as exciting as movies, and wuxia manga/manhua is even more addictive.

Many Chinese comics are based on web novels. For example: Dragon Prince Yuan, Soul Land, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

So, what are the best wuxia manga recommendations:

1. Blades Of The Guardians


"Blades Of The Guardians/Biao Ren" is a good wuxia manga created by Chinese cartoonist Xu Xianzhe.



Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Mature, Tragedy


In 607 AD, under the brutal rule of Emperor Yang Guang of Sui Dynasty, the Sui Dynasty had no livelihood.

A bodyguard with extraordinary skill: Dao Ma, walking in the desert of the Western Regions, on the way to avoid the imperial chase, he took on an escort mission to the capital Chang'an.

He thought it was just a simple bodyguard, but he didn't expect it to be dangerous all the way.

Since then, a journey that affects the fate of the world has begun...

2. The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (Swordsman)

wuxia manga manhua The Smiling Proud Wanderer

"The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" is the most classic wuxia manhua in China, adapted from a novel by Jin Yong.


The Smiling Proud Wanderer manhua

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts


It is mainly the experience of Linghu Chong, a major disciple of the Huashan sect, which reflects the process of fighting for hegemony and power by the various martial arts factions.

There were obscene thieves who were good at martial arts, cute little nuns, Taoist priest who was good at acting, chivalrous man who turned his face faster than turning a book...

And why are there so many martial arts masters who cut off their dicks?!

3. Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

wuxia manga manhua Demi Gods and Semi Devils

"Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" is a martial arts novel by Jin Yong, and this Chinese wuxia manga is very popular.


Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils manhua

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Adventure, Historical, Martial arts, Romance


Based on the background of Song Zhezong Dynasty, through the martial arts enmity and national contradictions among Song, Liao, Dali, Xixia, Tubo and other kingdoms, the manhua depicts life and society from the height of philosophy and shows a magnificent picture of life.

4. Fung Wan 1 & 2

wuxia manga Fung Wan


This is a modern wuxia manga, the story takes place in the Ming Dynasty in China.

Mainly around the two protagonists: Nie Feng and bu Jingyun.

Because of their background and extraordinary martial arts, they are often connected with the big and small things in the Wulin.


Fung Wan manhua

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts

You can read the free wuxia manga/manhua online through these manga sites.

wuxia manga manhua God of Martial Arts


This is a world of bullying and people use martial arts as a way of grading.

Because of a car accident, the male lead Lin Feng crossed over to this unpowerful young master of the Lin family.

Here, only the strong had the right to survive, even the people of the same race and sect.


God of Martial Arts manhua

Status: Ongoing

Wuxia Manga Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

6. Legend Of Sho

wuxia manga manhua Legend Of Sho


One day, Zhang Gong went into the mountain to collect medicine and met the fairy swordsman.

He was involved in a war of monsters by accident.

After a thrilling adventure along the way, he also found his hidden identity and was involved in world disputes since then······


Legend Of Sho manhua

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Martial arts, Supernatural

7. Soul Land

wuxia manhua manga soul land

The top wuxia manga based on novels, and this is also a cultivation manhua.


Tang San was forced to jump off the cliff with his unique skills because he learned martial arts from the sect secretly.

Fortunately, he was reborn with the memory of his previous life.

After that, he met the lovely Xiao Wu, and gradually discovered the mystery of his own life experience.


soul land manhua

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural

8. Dragon Prince Yuan

wuxia manga Dragon Prince Yuan


This is also a xianxia manga.

Zhou Yuan, the prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty, originally had the destiny of a sacred dragon, but was threatened by hundreds of millions of Zhou's citizens by the enemy King Wu, and took away his sacred dragon luck.

But afterwards, Zhou Yuan entered the ancestral land and met Yaoyao; he reopened the meridians and embarked on the journey again.


Dragon Prince Yuan manga

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts

You can read its novels on these web novel sites.

9. Battle Through the Heavens

wuxia manga Battle Through the Heavens

One of the best Chinese comics.


In this boundless world, there were some unearthly fires. They were powerful but extremely violent.

It was rare to see them, and even if they were seen, it was extremely difficult to subdue them.

Let's see how our protagonist will devour the unearthly fire step by step and dominate the world!


Battle Through the Heavens manga

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Martial Arts, Action, Shounen, Drama, Webtoons

wuxia manga Under One Person

This is my favorite top wuxia manhua/manga.


With the disappearance of his father and the visit of the mysterious girl Feng Baobao, the peaceful campus life of the teenager Zhang Chulan was completely subverted.

After that, Zhang Chulan, who was eager to unlock the secrets of his grandfather and himself, and the "undead girl" Feng Baobao, who had no memory, embarked on a strange journey...


Under One Person Manga

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Martial Arts

Alternative: Hitori no Shita, The Outcast

11. Hua Jiang Hu Zhi Bu Liang Ren

wuxia manga Hua Jiang Hu Zhi Bu Liang Ren

This is a Chinese adult wuxia manga.


The manhua focuses on the hidden treasure of Taizong Longquan, which was hidden by the organization of "Buliang Ren" in the Tang Dynasty.

In manga, the heroes fight with swords and love in troubled times, composing a romantic and brilliant Chinese classic martial arts legend.

12. The Legend of Qin

wuxia manga manhua The Legend of Qin

It is a super animation with the theme of martial arts. Unfortunately, there are very few updates about this wuxia manga.


The background of the era began with the destruction of the six kingdoms by Qin and the establishment of China's first empire, and the demise of the kingdom of Qin, which spanned 30 years.

It tells the story of a young man with heroic blood flowing in his body, Tianming, who finally grows into a hero of the world and influences the historical process.

13. Snow Eagle Lord

wuxia manga manhua Snow Eagle Lord

This is a wuxia manga adapted from a popular web novel, which has also been adapted into an animation.

14. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods wuxia manga

It tells the legendary story of Nie Li's fight against the Holy Emperor in the world he lived in after his rebirth.

15. The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters manhua

The King of Fighters is a fighting game launched by Japanese SNK.

After that, the Hong Kong Manga version is a plot written by the publisher after obtaining SNK's authorization to IP, and it completely uses the martial arts series of Hong Kong Manga.

16. Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword

wuxia manhua Chinese Hero Tales of the Blood Sword

It was a classic work in the early Hongkong wuxia manhua.


Hua Yingxiong's mother was a descendant of the Bai clan, a clan of swordsmanship. His father was a blacksmith and didn't know kung fu, but he had an ancestral red sword.

There were some bullies who tried to grab the red sword, but they didn't believe that the rusty sword was a sacred weapon.

Therefore, they destroyed the house. Hua Yingxiong's parents died in the battle, and he ran away with the red sword alone.

On the way, he was besieged by the bullies. As a result, when the red sword saw blood, it was invincible, and he was able to kill his enemy.

17. Oriental Heroes(Dragon Tiger Gate)

wuxia manhua manga Oriental Heroes

This is a long series of wuxia comics by Hong Kong comic master Huang Yulang.


The outline of the story is for Wang Xiaohu to find relatives from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong, make friends with many good brothers, then fight against various villains, and in the end the evil is overwhelming.

After that, the protagonists rushed out of Hong Kong, expedition to Japan, and fought against Raksha Sect, the number one gang in Japan, and later fierce battles broke out with different huge gangs in the world.

18. Legend of Emperors 1, 4 & 6

wuxia comic manga Legend of Emperors

This is a series of martial arts fantasy comics created by Huang Yulang.


  1.  The Founding of the Zhou Dynasty
  2. The Qin Emperor 
  3. Rascal Emperor 
  4. Mighty Dragon of the Great Tang 
  5. Buddha's Palm 
  6. The Great Hongwu Emperor
  7. Proud Rulers of the Three Kingdoms 
  8. Strong Rulers of the Blue Sky 

19. Weapons of the Gods

wuxia comic manga Weapons of the Gods

This work tells a fantasy story far beyond martial arts.


The arrival of the divine weapons had caused the martial artists to constantly fight with each other.

The protagonist, WenTian, entered the martial arts world to save the delicate lady, Bei Mingxue, and was inadvertently involved in the fight for divine weapons.

And his fate had changed since then...

20. Spirit Blade Mountain

Spirit Blade Mountain wuxia manga

This is a popular Chinese comic based on a novel.

21. The Legend of Jade Sword

wuxia manhua The Legend of Jade Sword

It was about the main character, ji Ning, who was attacked by the six cycles of reincarnation in the underworld. 

He was reborn without drinking the soup of Lady Meng, and then everything happened.

22. Quanzhi Fashi

manhua quanzhi fashi

I like this novel, and the comics adapted are also good.

23. Twin of Brothers

wuxia manga manhua Twin of Brothers

This is the wuxia manga with the history of the end of the Sui Dynasty as the background.


It is said that the "Longevity Jue" is the key to open the "Yang Gong Treasure".

Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, who were originally little gangsters with no father and no mother, obtained the martial arts book "Longevity Jue" by coincidence, and they developed a superb martial arts.

Therefore, they were chased by various figures.

At the critical moment, they were rescued by Shi Fei Xuan of Cihang Jingzhai. The young hero, thus fought the world.

Among the above wuxia manga, which one do you like the most?

Do you have any other wuxia manhua recommendations?

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