How Do You MTL Translation?

September 4


MTL translation refers to the translation of raw novels into another language through some translation programs or websites. This is the MTL novel.

The best advantage of machine translation MTL is that it is fast, and you can quickly read the latest novel chapters.

Specifically, how to MTL?


mtl translation Translator

Let's take how to MTL Chinese novels as an example.

That is, through MTL to translate Chinese novels into English, of course, it can also be translated into Japanese, Korean, and finally form MTL meaning novel.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate

Google's translation system is very powerful, and you can trust it 99%.

You only need to find the name of the Chinese novel you like, then find the chapter of the novel on these Chinese raw novel sites, and finally copy the chapter to Google Translate. It is very simple.

Of course, what we are concerned about is the quality of the translated novels. You can try it yourself, unless it’s a bit weird to translate the particularly complicated Chinese into English, and everything else can be read without barriers.

In fact, some MTL novel sites use this format to translate novels, such as mtlnovel, jpmtl. And like babel novel (with a unique translation algorithm) this site also has mtl novel app.

2. Baidu Translate

Baidu Translate

As China's largest search engine, Baidu has a deeper understanding of Chinese. The practice of how to perform MTL translation is the same as that of Google Translate.

3.  Systran MTL Translation


With the help of neural machine translation technology, Systran can better translate Chinese novels, Korean novels, Japanese novels, and light novels.

And you can try its Pro version for free at the beginning.

In Conclusion

If you use these three translation programs together, the quality of MTL novels will be the best.

In addition, some fan fictions, Marvel-related novels, and romance novels are currently popular among everyone. These are worthy of machine translation.

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