17 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) of All Time Worth Watching

September 4


Donghua refers to Chinese anime.

With the rapid development of donghua anime in China, there are more and more high-quality excellent Chinese donghua.

Specifically, what are the best donghua?

1. The Legend of Qin

best donghua The Legend of Qin anime

The Chinese martial arts animation "The Legend of Qin (Qin's Moon)" is top-notch in terms of plot content, characters and technical style.

It is currently the best donghua series with the most Chinese cultural characteristics.


The background of the story is the historical period from the destruction of the Six Kingdoms by the Qin Dynasty to the destruction of the Qin Dynasty by the King Xiang Yu of Western Chu.

And the time span is about 30 years. All sorts of historical events and legends had occurred one after another.

The well-known swordsmen, the chivalrous men, and the hundreds of noble clans that had a far-reaching impact on the modern China all came to the stage in this era of prosperity.

The young Jing Tianming survives like a weed in the chaotic world of changing times. In the face of a violent regime and sinister enemies, he bravely resisted, and eventually grew into a world-famous hero.


Status: This top Chinese anime series has completed the first 5 seasons, with a total of 175 episodes. The Legend of Qin Season 6 is still ongoing.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Ancient China, Historical, Martial Arts, Wuxia

Donghua Movie: The Legend of Qin 3D Ancient Dragon Spirit

2. Under One Person

best donghua Under One Person anime

"Under One Person (The Outcast)" is a donghua worth watching.

This Chinese anime has a compact plot and distinctive characters. The plots based on traditional culture, such as kung fu, incantation, Taoism, and Qi, can make you feel the breadth and depth of Chinese culture in all aspects.


College student Zhang Chulan returns to his hometown on Ching Ming Festival. But he was attacked by zombies in the cemetery.

And encounter Feng Baobao, a mysterious girl with a kitchen knife in her hand. But Feng Baobao is very familiar with Zhang Chulan, and takes him to the courier company where she works.

In order to help Feng Baobao find her identity, and also to find out the secrets of himself and grandpa. 

This completely changed Zhang Chulan's life. He and Feng Baobao embarked on the journey of "Yi Ren".

Since that moment, Zhang Chulan's turbulent fate has begun to move forward.


Status: Season 1-4 of the donghua series "Under One Person" - Completed. 

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Supernatural, Superpowers, Zombies

3. The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu

Donghua anime The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu

"The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu" is a good donghua with martial arts themes. Currently updated to Season 5.


The story takes place in the last years of the Tang Dynasty.

The mysterious organization "Bu Liang Ren" belonging to the government has disappeared. And there are also precious treasures still missing.

According to legend, all secrets are hidden in Longquan Sword. The person who gets the Longquan Sword has the ability to control the world.

Li Xingyun lost his parents and became an orphan since he was a child. The kind hermit Yang Shuzi adopted him and followed him to cultivate martial arts.

By coincidence, Li Xingyun actually got the Longquan Sword.

The news spread fast and aroused the vigilance of all the sects. Therefore, They sent killers to track Li Xingyun, in an attempt to snatch the Longquan sword.


Status:  Season 1-4 of this donghua series - Completed.

Genre: Action, Ancient China, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Adventure, Drama, Romance

4. Yong Sheng

yong sheng donghua

"Yong Sheng" is a fantasy Chinese animation. And this donghua is newly released.


Fang Han, a humble family slave, held the belief that "I would rather be a beggar than a slave" since childhood.

Relying on a unyielding stubbornness to break through the mystery of the omnipotent skill, he refined his body into an eternal body.

He tried his best to step into the immortal realm step by step and finally became a peak king.


Status:  Ongoing.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation

5. Legend of Immortals

Legend of Immortals donghua anime

"Legend of Immortals" is the best cultivation donghua, with OP MC, adapted from the popular Chinese web novel "Xingchen Bian".


Qin Yu, the third son of the Qin clan, was born unable to cultivate internal force due to his shortage of Dantian in his body. So his father placed him in Yunwu Mountain Villa.

But he was unwilling to fall, and he had the determination to become a strong man since he was a child.

In order to protect the one he loved, he practiced hard and made breakthroughs under strong determination and wonderful opportunities.

Finally, he became the unique god in the universe-the third person of the Hongmeng Gold List-Qin Meng.


Status:  Season 1-4 of this Chinese anime - Completed.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation, Xianxia, Xuanhuan

6. Soul Land

best donghua Soul Land

"Douluo Dalu/Soul Land" is the best donghua to watch, with OP MC. It is better-looking than the novel, and the novel is a bit boring. The animation of the scene is shocking.


In his previous life, Tang San was an outer disciple of the Tang Clan. He was forbidden by the Tang Clan because he had secretly learned the unique skills of the inner disciples.

Being besieged by the elders and the sect leader of the Tang Clan, he jumped off the cliff.

After rebirth, he became a disciple of Clear Sky Clan after he came to the Soul Land.

Later, he established the Tang Sect with his partners in this world. After becoming a God, he would inherit the two godly positions, the Sea God and the Shura God.


Status:  There are 250 episodes of Douluo Dalu animation, which are still ongoing.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation, Reincarnation, Xianxia, Xuanhuan

7. Battle Through The Heavens

top donghua Battle Through The Heavens

"Battle Through The Heavens" is also a top donghua, with OP MC. And on the basis of the original work, the third season has made an excellent adaptation of the plot of Yunyun.


He was a talented Dou Zhe at the age of twelve, but his cultivation base had been regressed for three consecutive years and maintained at grade three of the Dou Qi.

After three years of being a loser, Xiao Yan's mind had grown greatly. And the culprit, "Yao Chen", who had caused the disappearance of his Dou Qi, also appeared and accepted him as a disciple.

Under the cultivation of "Yao Chen", Xiao Yan, who had shown his great talent, had made great progress and become the strongest among the younger generation of the Jiama Empire.

In addition, relying on his perseverance and conviction to break into the mainland, he has continuously achieved brilliant records.

The growth rate is extremely amazing, and he is steadily striding forward to the peak power of the mainland.


Status:  The 1-4 seasons of Battle Through The Heavens animation - Completed. The new donghua season 5 - Broadcast in 2022.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation, Xianxia, Xuanhuan

8. Martial Universe

Martial Universe donghua

The character shape of the "Martial Universe/Wu Dong Qian Kun" animation is very plump, and the recognition is very high. The scene is also very beautiful. It is the best Chinese donghua with OP MC.


Lin Dong was born in the declining Lin family in Qingyang town.

At the beginning, he found a mysterious stone talisman above the stone pool to enhance his strength. After obtaining the ancient wood, he condensed the life seal and became a runic expert.

As time went by, his strength had been promoted very fast.

Finally, with the help of Ling Qingzhu, he became the master of the plane.


Status:  The 1-2 seasons of Martial Universe animation - Completed. The new donghua season 3 - Broadcast in 2022.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation, Martial Arts

9. Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens

donghua Anime Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens

"Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens" and the aforementioned animation "The Legend of Qin" are interoperable in terms of characters. But the storyline is completely different. The best donghua of all time.


As a free and unrestrained young man from the royal family, Han Fei had extraordinary intelligence and EQ. He was handsome and unrestrained, but deep in his heart, there were great ambitions.

Although he didn't know kung fu, he pretended to be a playboy. Secretly, he and Wei Zhuang, a genius boy, formed the world-famous "Quick Sand" organization.


Status:  A total of 90 episodes - Completed.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts

10. Great Journey Of Teenagers

Great Journey Of Teenagers

"Great Journey Of Teenagers" tells the story of four young swordsmen with bizarre backgrounds but heroic spirits, who accompany each other all the way.


He is a mysterious stingy boss, who runs a dilapidated Inn, but wears a valuable fox fur robe. He is lazy and didn't care about anything other than money, but he was meticulous.

Due to debt collection, he went to the Xueyue City with Lei Wujie.

A story about the golden coffin was about to unfold.


Status:  This animation is completed.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Historical, Martial Arts

11. The God of  War Dominates

best donghhua The God of War Dominates

"The God of War Dominates" is an action, fantasy, martial arts genre donghua. Adapted from the web novel of the same name.


The protagonist Qin Chen was originally a top genius, but he was plotted and fell into the death canyon in the forbidden area of the mainland.

He was sure to die, but accidentally triggered the power of the mysterious ancient sword...

Three hundred years later, in a remote place in Tianwu Continent, a young man with the same name accidentally inherited Qin Chen's will.

12. Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Anime donghua Fox Spirit Matchmaker

"Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker" is a very interesting donghua. The script is sincere and the worldview is complete.

The most important thing is that you can feel traditional Chinese thoughts from this story and the behavior of the characters.


Long ago, humans and demons were born at the same time.

Humans regard monsters as beasts, and monsters also regard humans as animals, so disputes are inevitable.

Afterwards, human beings found that they could not defeat the monsters, and the monsters who went all out found that there was a mysterious power in them. People call it demon power. When encountering a monster at this time, human beings can only flee.

However, people have discovered something that can fight against monsters-magic weapons.

Humans can fight monsters in this way. For their own interests, humans and demons have entered an era of full-scale war, and the world is full of blood and blood.

13. Ne Zha

donghua movies Ne Zha

This is the best donghua movie based on Chinese myths and stories. The director hopes that Nezha, as a warrior who struggles with fate, can convince the audience that fate is in his own hands.


Nezha is the reincarnation of a demon bead, he will always have two black circles under his eyes, causing trouble everywhere. But he is kind by nature.

His growth was very bumpy, and he was ostracized by the world since he was a demon.

So how will he prove himself in the process of growing up to win people's respect?

14. Yuan Long

Yuan Long donghua

This is a donghua where modern soldiers traveled to ancient times to practice cultivation, and it is very worth watching.


Wang Sheng, the ace sniper, passed through a world where many clans and sects stood. There were many masters here.

However, he collided with the most unpopular carp remnant soul, and became a waste.

Duel with the strong in Shanglin City, slash giant wolves in the Jedi, see how he leaps over the dragon gate and overlooks all beings in the clouds!

15. Rakshasa Street

Rakshasa Street zhen hun jie anime

Chinese anime"Rakshasa Street" is adapted from Xu Chen's webcomic of the same name. The fighting action is also very coherent, and the character expression is also well portrayed.


Xia Ling, an ordinary college student who strayed into Raksha Street, was in danger but was rescued by the Soul-suppressing General Cao Yanbing.

But Cao Yanbing discovered that Xia Ling's identity was unusual, and there was spiritual power in her body.

At the same time, Xia Ling began to be hunted down by the assassins.

So, what is behind everything?

16. Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan anime donghua

"Yuan Zun" is the donghua anime, adapted from the xuan huan novel by the author Tiancan Tudou. Also with OP MC.


Zhou Yuan, the crown prince of the Zhou Dynasty, was blessed with the holy dragon's fortune.

In addition, he cultivated the soul refining technique and the cultivation method "Ancestral Dragon Scripture".

He stood out among the holy lands of the Can Mang Continent, obtained the baptism by the holy blood of the ancestor Cangxuan, and joined the Cangxuan Sect.

After that, he continued to make breakthroughs and marched toward the ranks of the strong.

17. The King's Avatar

The King's Avatar anime

"The King's Avatar" is the best Chinese anime, adapted from an e-sports novel. The most important thing is that the martial arts moves were smooth and the fighting scene was full of tension.


Ye Xiu, he is proficient in all the professions in the Glory game. The first batch of players in the Glory game, the first generation of professional league players.

For some reason, the club fired him. Leave the e-sports circle and become an Internet cafe network manager.

However, he re-entered the game in the Tenth District of Glory, with a self-made weapon and returned to the top level.

Although this donghua list cannot list all Chinese anime, if you have other good animation recommendations, please leave your comment.

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