23 Best Chinese Animation Movies of All Time

September 4


Chinese animation movies are different from American animation movies and Japanese anime movies in that they have unique Chinese cultural characteristics.

In addition to movies, Chinese animation also has many donghua adapted from novels, which are also very popular.

Specifically, what are the must-watch Chinese animation movies?

1. Ne Zha

Ne Zha

This is a Chinese 3D animation movie of 2019, which is of action, adventure, and fantasy genre.

The audience loves this film not only because it has a unique Chinese mythological story, but also retains the essence of Chinese traditional culture and adds popular elements.

Moreover, the exquisiteness of the rendering of the action scenes and the shaping of the new Nezha characters have caused a different impact on the audience.


When Ne Zha was born, he became the reincarnation of the Demon Orb because the Spirit Pearl was stolen by Shen Gongbao.

Because of the Demon Orb, the young Ne Zha encountered discrimination, rejection, ridicule and hostility from the people around him.

However, with the arrival of the the heavenly lightning, what he had done was gradually recognized by the people.

2. Monkey King: Hero is Back

Chinese animation movies Monkey King Hero is Back donghua

This is one of the best adventurous and fantasy Chinese animation movies, in 2015, adapted from the traditional Chinese myth story "Journey to the West".

The movie adopts the classic Hollywood style.

Combining classic Chinese stories with 3D, using martial arts design with charm, and shooting the well-known mythological themes with chivalrous feelings that warm the world.


The orphan Jiang Liu'er admires the Monkey King who made trouble in the heavenly palace very much.

One day, when he was chased by a monster, he unexpectedly rescued the Monkey King who had been sealed for more than 500 years.

During their journey to Chang'an City together, they encountered a monster who wanted to catch a girl to refine pills. Jiang Liuer is going to save the girl, but Monkey King is unwilling to go because he lost all his rule power.

Can Jiang Liu'er fight monsters?

3. Big Fish & Begonia

Chinese animation movies Big Fish & Begonia

This is another very vivid Chinese animated movie, in 2016, which is a fantasy and romantic theme.

In addition, this animation movie has a very unique storyline, full of Chinese mystery, and it is impressive.


Chun, a girl with a strong and persistent personality, turned into a dolphin on her birthday, but was trapped by a net in the human world.

The kind-hearted human boy sacrificed his life in order to save the dolphin, and his soul became a fish.

Chun did a lot of things to repay the boy and make him reborn.

However, this process was very difficult...

4. White Snake

Chinese animation movies White Snake

This is one of the best Chinese animated films in English, and there is a sequel: "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake". It is a romantic, fantasy theme.

In addition, the film is very creative in terms of story. And the animation character modeling was liked and accepted by the audience from the very beginning.


In the late Tang Dynasty, the White Snake failed to assassinate the general and lost her memory.

However, she was saved by Xu Xuan, a free and lively young man, and called her Xiao Bai.

In the following time, the two gradually became in love. Even though he knew that Xiao Bai was a snake demon, Xu Xuan still loved Xiao Bai deeply.

But in this life, they were destined to not have a happy ending in love, until the two of them were reborn.

5. The Legend of Hei

Chinese animation movies The Legend of Hei

"The Legend of Heii" is a Chinese cartoon movie that belongs to the healing series. While the plot is very warm, touching and thinking, the battle scene is also very exciting.

What this movie brings is a reflection on the good and bad of black and white, and keeps one's own ability to think independently. Luo Xiaohei is cute on the outside, but strong on the inside.


The cat demon Xiao Hei was beaten back to its original shape by stealing the pearl artifact and became a kitten.

He hid in a cardboard box to avoid the rain and was picked up by the innocent and lovely student Luo Xiaobai by mistake, and named him Luo Xiaohei.

But one day, Luo Xiaohei changed from a kitten to a human. And told Luo Xiaobai that he was going to do other things and would leave.

6. Lotus Lantern

Chinese animation movies Lotus Lantern

This is an old Chinese animation movie, in 1997, action-adventure type. Based on the Chinese myth of the same name.

In addition, other old Chinese animation movies, such as "Havoc in Heaven", "Nezha Conquers the Dragon King", "Legend of Sealed Book", and "Calabash Brothers".

All these Chinese animated films are very classic and worth watching.


The San Sheng Mu of the Heavenly Palace fell in love with the scholar Liu Yanchang and had a child, Chen Xiang.

Seven years later, when they were playing, the Lotus Lantern in San Sheng Mu's hands suddenly glowed, causing Erlang Shen to capture them.

And Chen Xiang went through many hardships and got help from Monkey King.

In the end, Chen Xiang made a magic axe and merged with the Lotus Lantern. He defeated his uncle, Erlang Shen, and saved his mother who was suppressed under the Huashan Mountain.

7. The Wind Guardians

The Wind Guardians movie

"The Wind Guardians" is a very careful Chinese animation movie, in 2018. It must be admitted that its picture is very beautiful.

Simply put, it is very Chinese style.

The beginning of this Chinese movie is also very attractive, a bit like a superhero movie.


Taotie, one of the four fierce beasts, reappeared and hurt humans.

At this time, the blind boy Lang Ming used the secret technique "Wind Curse" to seal it, thus saving everyone.

8. Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn

Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn

This is a Chinese animation adapted from the online game "Dragon Nest", which has a high degree of restoration to the game.


Fifty years ago (relative to the time in online games), the originally peaceful continent of Altria was swept by the power of the black dragon and its followers.

Lambert joined the Dragon Slaying Alliance in order to protect the town. This alliance traverses snowy mountains, jungles, and mysterious ruins forgotten by time to find the black dragon's lair.

But ahead, there is an unexpected crisis waiting for their arrival.

9. Little Door Gods

Chinese Animation Movies Little Door Gods

The Chinese animated film "Little Door Gods" is also adapted from Chinese myths. Especially the palace like Genting Tiangong inside is quite shocking.

This is a comedy type animation.


In recent years, the mortal world no longer paid attention to immortals, causing the divine world's economy to be depressed.

The two brothers Shen Tu and Yu Lei, the door gods, are facing the crisis of being laid off.

What should they do?

So they came to the ancient town of Nanxun on earth to prove the value of God. Moreover, they met a single mother and daughter, and then a series of unexpected things happened.

10. Kuiba

Chinese Animation series Kuiba

"Kuiba" is a very good Chinese animation series, fantasy genre.

There are many commendable points in the animation, such as Manji's seemingly silly appearance, but in fact the character's inner portrayal and the subsequent contrast formed a very sharp contrast.


The animation revolves around the protagonist Manji and others.

It tells the story of Kuiba, a terrible and abnormal life born every 333 years in Yuanyang realm, where the two realms of heaven and earth work together to fight.

In addition, there are many Chinese animation series that are worth watching, such as:

Battle Through the Heavens, Wu Gengji, Soul Land, A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality, Mo Dao Zu Shi, The King's Avatar, Martial Universe, etc.

11. Piercing I

Chinese Animation Movies Piercing I

"Piercing I" is a dark animation. The most special feature of this Chinese animated movie lies in the plot.


Zhang Xiaojun, a newly graduated college student, worked for just one year, but his company closed down.

In the general environment of the global financial crisis, he had to lose his job, wandering sadly on the streets of Nanjing.

However, he was badly beaten by the supermarket security as a thief, and he was innocently wronged when he helped an elderly man kindly.

At this time, Xiaojun’s greatest wish was to be able to return to the countryside to be a farmer.

Compared to Xiaojun, who was desperate, Dahong was obviously a person who never looked back.

The two were accidentally caught in a murderous storm of trading power and money, but the ill-gotten wealth did not give them any hope.

12. Lee's Adventure

Chinese Animation Movies Lee's Adventure

This is a romantic Chinese animation movie of the same name adapted from a comic.

In this movie, there are nearly half an hour of cartoon content. This is also the first attempt to combine cartoons and real people in a Chinese-language movie.


Li Xianji is a patient with Time Perception Disorder (TPN).

For a long time, he sat in front of the computer and played a game that no one could pass the level. For this reason, Li Xianji did not hesitate to sell his kidneys.

Under the guidance of an expert, Li Xianji learned that in order to pass this game, he would spend 500,000 yuan on a stimulant.

For this reason, Li Xianji experienced a journey full of legends, but because of Time Perception Disorder, that journey was miraculously shortened in his memory.

13. Forward, Comrades

Forward, Comrades

"Forward, Comrades" (Вперёд, товарищи) is the graduation work of the students of the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy. The entire animated film is only 8 minutes long. However, it caused a strong response on the Internet.


This animated film takes the disintegration of the Soviet Union as the background of the times.

By telling the story of a little girl's spiritual transformation before and after the disintegration, she expressed her nostalgia for the Soviet era.

Chinese Animation Movies Jiang Ziya

"Jiang Ziya" is arguably the best Chinese animation movie recently, and it is also an adventure and fantasy genre.


After the battle of the gods, Jiang Ziya was demoted to the mortal world because of a momentary mistake. He lost his divine power and was despised by the world.

In order to return to Kunlun, Jiang Ziya embarks on a journey to find himself.

15. Rainbow Sea Movie 2

Rainbow Sea Movie 2

In the vast universe, there is an extremely dangerous wormhole route-the footprints of the devil.

In order to prevent others from entering the footprints of the devil, the mysterious organization Galactic Eye blocked the coordinates that can reach there. The footprints of the devil gradually disappeared from people's vision.

This is a Chinese animation movie of fantasy and adventure genre.

16. Mr. Miao

Mr. Miao anime

This fantastic 2020 Chinese animation movie tells the story of a realistic and thrilling journey by the trackfinders, masters and apprentices Liang Yan and Ding Guo, to track the trails of Bi An Hua.

17. Crystal Sky of Yesterday

Chinese Animation Movies Crystal Sky of Yesterday

This is a youth, campus style Chinese animated romantic movie based on the comics of the same name.


At the end of the 1990s, in an ordinary, quiet southern county town.

In the face of academic pressure, several senior high school students in small towns had their budding dreams, friendships, and first loves, as well as the gap between them and the adult world.

18. Kung Food

Animation Movies Kung Food

This is a world made up of gourmet food.

Legend has it that Nuwa used magical powers to forge five-flavored stones, giving food taste and soul. Here, mountains, rivers and lakes are composed of delicacies.

All kinds of food live in this world and have their own stories.

Among all Chinese animation movies, the subject matter of this animation is quite special and very interesting.

19. Flavors of Youth

Animation Movies Flavors of Youth

The Chinese animation is set in three Chinese cities, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

It tells the three youth short stories of The Rice Noodles, A Little Fashion Show and Love in Shanghai.

20. Tea Pets

Tea Pets

This 3D Chinese animation film tells about Atang, a tea pet that won't change color no matter how you pour the tea.

In order to find a way to make his color beautiful, Atang set off with Xiaolai the robot on an adventure to find the future.

21. The Guardian

Animation Movies The Guardian

The animated film tells the story of the guardian of Yiwei State who accidentally enters Peanut Town to find the prince, but is involved in a conspiracy dominated by desire.

22. Have a Nice Day

Animation Movies Have a Nice Day

This Chinese animation movie tells a series of absurd stories caused by construction site driver Xiao Zhang being chased by various people for robbing huge sums of money.

It is a crime comedy animation.

23. Boonie Bears: Back To Earth

Animation Movies Boonie Bears Back To Earth

This is one of the latest Chinese animation movies, which will be broadcast in 2022. It is a science fiction comedy animated film.

Boonie Bears is a cartoon series that is very popular among young children in China, and Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past is also worth watching.


The mysterious "alien" Abu visited Gouxongling and met Xiong Er and learned that the Abu clan originated from the earth.

Moreover, when the Abu clan left the earth, they sealed up a large number of relics and treasures in Antarctica, which attracted the coveting of the villains Niu and his wife, and everyone fell into the trap.

In desperation, Xiong Er and others defeated the villain and guarded Abu's last home.

The animations in this Chinese animation movies list are worth watching. If there are any good animation movies recommended, please leave your comment.

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