Top 10 Donghua Sites to Watch Chinese Anime Online for Free

March 27


The Chinese animation industry is on the rise, and more and more Chinese Donghua are liked by fans all over the world.

In addition to the official video streaming platform, there are some unofficial donghua sites where you can watch Chinese animations.

Specifically, you can watch best Chinese Donghua (animation) on these websites:

Chinese anime sites tencent video

Tencent Video is the largest online video streaming platform in China, with huge original Chinese donghua.

In particular, with the rise of Chinese web novels, many novels have been adapted into best donghua, such as: Douluo Dalu, Perfect World, Battle Through the Heavens, Swallowed Star.

soul land donghua

Soul Land Donghua

However, for this official donghua site, there are several aspects to pay attention to:

  1. You can watch the first few episodes of your favorite Chinese donghua for free, but if you want to watch the latest, then you need to become a VIP.
  2. Unfortunately, on Tencent Video, the animation does not have English subtitles.
  3. Due to copyright restrictions, if you are not in China, then you need a VPN to watch the animation on this website normally.

But don't worry, these problems will be solved for you later.

donghua sites tencent video need vpn

copyright restrictions

Tencent Video also has a channel on YouTube, and you can watch these Chinese donghua with English sub for free on YouTube(But the animation above is not complete enough).

donghua websites bilibili

In the early days, Bilibili was a video site for ACG (Animation, Comics, Games) content creation and sharing.

Currently it has animation, music, dance, games, knowledge, entertainment, fashion and other parts.

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality donghua

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality donghua

And as a donghua streaming site, Bilibili has a huge investment in the field of Chinese animation.

For example: the famous science fiction animation "Linglong: Incarnation" and the adaptation of the famous science fiction novel "The Three-Body Problem".

The Three-Body Problem donghua

The Three-Body Problem Donghua (upcoming)

Bilibili Features

  • You can also read Chinese comics, the site is:
  • In addition, this Chinese donhua site does not require vpn.
  • And you can also watch the Bilibili donghua on the official Youtube channel.

3. GoGoAnime

donghua website gogoanime

If you don’t speak Chinese, don’t want to use a VPN, don’t want to be a VIP, just want to be completely free, and want to watch Chinese donghua/anime online with English subtitles. 

Then there are some unofficial donghua sites that can solve your problem.

However, please note that although these unofficial donghua sites can watch the latest popular Chinese animations with english subtitles for free, they are illegal because they do not have any copyright.

gogoanime tun shi xing kong english

GoGoAnime with english sub

donghua sites tencent animation

Tencent Animation is a website focusing on Chinese original comics and animations. More than 50,000 authors have contributed to Tencent's animation platform. The number of signed works exceeds 6,000.

More than 40 works have more than 100 million clicks, and more than 200 works have more than 10 million clicks.

Under one person donghua

Under one person donghua

On this Tencent animation website, you can read the wonderful Chinese manhua and watch exclusive Chinese donghua, such as: Under one person, Once Upon a Time in LingJian Mountain.

donghua site youku comic

Youku is a leading video streaming website in China. It also has a large number of original Chinese donghua, and imported Japanese and American anime.

Qin's Moon donghua

Qin's Moon donghua

On the donghua channel, you can watch exclusive Chinese animations, such as: Qin's Moon, Bu Liang Ren.

Of course, you can watch Chinese animation in Youku for free on the official YouTube channel.

6. IQiYi Animation

donghua sites iqiyi

IQiyi is an online video streaming website in China with a large number of original Chinese animations, especially animated Chinese manga.

Some are animated comics adapted from manga, game or light novel.

The best part?

IQiyi Animation has an English version of the website:, you can watch these Chinese animations with English subtitles for free.

7. MGTV Animation

donghua websites mgtv

MGTV is the onine video platform under China's Hunan TV, which pushes popular Chinese TV series, movies, variety shows, animation and music videos.

The Chinese donghua on MGTV is mainly aimed at young girls and children's animations.

8. WeTV


WeTV is an international video streaming site of Tencent Video. You can watch Chinese series, Korean series and Chinese anime, all with English subtitles.

9. 9Anime

donghua sites 9nime

On this animation streaming website, you only need to enter the name of the Chinese animation you want to watch, then you can watch the Chinese animation with subtitles for free.

10. TVDie

Chinese anime site TVDIE

This is an unofficial video streaming website with a large number of Chinese TV series, movies, variety shows and animations.

The animation inside is updated very quickly, basically consistent with the official website. Of course, this is a Chinese donghua website, and the animations on it have no English subtitles.

If you like Chinese animation, then these donghua sites above are enough.

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